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Sketch Course & Anatomic Modelling for surgeons

When eyes start to feel and hands learn to see...

»Art meets Science in Aesthetic Surgery«

As part of our Workshops Sketch Course & Anatomical Modelling for Surgeons under the direction of Mag. Ilona Neuffer-Hoffmann a symposium on Art meets Science in Aesthetic Surgery will be held for the first time. Based on the latest scientific findings we will focus on the fusion of fine arts, anatomy and aesthetic medicine:

  • Symposium »Art meets Science in Aesthetic Surgery«
    Department of Anatomy, Medical University of Vienna
    Small auditorium, Währingerstrasse 13, 1090 Vienna
    Firday, 11th of April 2014, 9:30-12:00

    I. Neuffer-Hoffmann
    Art for Surgeons – Visions and Methodological Approaches
    Retrospection of four years of Surgery Art

    K. Vinzenz
    Art meets Science in Aesthetic Face Surgery

    M. Prettenklieber
    Topographic Anatomy Basic to Aesthetic Surgery

    Conclusion an Discussion, Adjournment and preview for 2015
  • lunch break (12:00 – 13:00)
  • Ideals of Human Beauty in the Course of Time
    Public guided tour in the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna
    13:00 – 14:00

  • Course according to the program
    in the studio of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
    13:00 – 18:00

Yours sincerely,
K. Vinzenz, I. Neuffer-Hoffmann, M. Pretterklieber, S. Metka (Course Coordinator)

Read more about the workshop and symposium!

In our sketch course you learn …

  • to focus on body proportions
  • to better educate patients using a sketch
  • to develop your perceptual skills
  • to break down three dimensional proportions into two dimensions
  • to better mark patients before surgery
  • to use a sketch as a graphic operating report
  • these drawing skills will enable you to better communicate with patients, and are a valuable proof for you individually educating them

In our modelling workshop…

  • you will understand the various principles of plastic shaping
  • you will experience graphic, haptic and plastic exercises on the morphology of human body parts (e.g. the head)
  • you will learn step-by-step the techniques and artistic design of a clay bust portrait
  • you will comprehend holistically and selectively, tactically and visually, and you will discover new approaches, perspectives and experiences